Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sewbe Wan Kenobi

Yay! Finished the Book Bag.  I made this bag more as a sew along to help Robin advance her sewing skills.  We both love the way they came out.  I am a bit jealous of her fabric choice though.  When she picked it out in the store I thought it was too bright for my tastes, however once it became a bag, I love it. 
Here is my bag


 There is a great tutorial for this bag you can find here.  
Here is a sample of Robins fabric.  To see more details on her bag you can read about it here.
So two things I learned from making this bag
   1.  When using a fabric with directional pattern make sure you buy extra and be prepared for a little extra sewing.
   2.  You can't always trust an Asians math!


  1. My mother is very disappointed...I will go take my life in the most disgusting way possible :)

  2. what is she disappointed about? Is she jealous?