Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Yarn Bomb!

At my place of employment, there are a few of us who like a good practical joke every now and again.  A few weeks ago one co-worker (we will call her #1) played a joke on another co-worker (we will call him #2) by placing severed body parts (plastic of course) in his locker.  #2 assumed that I was the one who did this-I have no idea he decided to do this-
Very clever!  Quite a surprise to start my work day.  No these were not gifts, they are my items that were in my locker.  Quite Funny!

After some careful consideration I formulated a follow up prank.  I am a fan of yarn bombing and have been wanting to get my feet wet with a yarn bomb for a while now.  So off to the knitting machine I went.  After a few days and lots of Red Heart Yarn I was ready. 

Here is the state I found his locker in at the beginning of my shift

After about 5 hours of stitching, yarn stretching and accessorizing  his locker now looks like this

Here are some detail pics

I would be Leah.

I win!!


  1. one of the most awesome bombs ever!
    you definitely do win...x

  2. Lol, you are definitely "the bomb"! Those are stitched closed, right? Mwahahahaaa.

  3. Cherie-Thanks.
    Krystle-Definatly closed. He has not opened any of them yet.