Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crochet African Flower Soccer Ball

I found a tutorial for the African Flower Soccer Ball and wanted to make one for my dog. Unfortunately I can never seem to follow directions properly! I am convinced it is A.D.D. The instructions call for 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons, I however tend not to read the entire instructions, see the number 20 and somewhere the number 5 so I proceed to make 15 hexagons and 8 pentagons (how I came up with this number is beyond me at this point). By the time was finished crocheting my African flowers and am ready to assemble I was at work and did not have all my yarns with me (thinking I had made the correct amount of pieces why would I bring it all...right?), I begin assembling and am getting frustrated so I refer back to the diagram provided by Crochetbug. Wouldn't you know she had way to many hexagons on that picture. Some people should pay more attention to detail.......So I sat there with not enough of either shapes ready to quit. I decided to just start piecing them together and see what I come up with. Maybe I will come out of it with a placemat or something. As I was pinning them together I found that they still could form a ball. I ended up using 8 hexagons and 10 pentagons. It is not a perfectly round soccer ball that it should be, but a ball all the same. And since I was not planning on using it to try out for the world cup with it and it was going to be a ball for my dog it worked out just fine. In fact I had to wrestle it away from Juno to snap a picture of it.

Thank you Crochetbug for the tutorial and the inspiration!


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