Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ultimate Sweater Machine

When I am learning something new, be it for work or play,  for some reason I can not just be happy learning as it is taught, or mastering each step before moving on to the next part.  Noooo, I have to jump ahead, make a mess, cuss, get mad, ruin some yarn, cuss, eventually throw something, possible break something, cuss, walk away and come back in an hour or so, go back to the beginning and then follow the steps correctly.  I do this with almost everything I do.  Sometimes I am able to figure it out when I jump ahead, but this was not one of those times. 
Last November I purchased an Ultimate Sweater Machine.  I wanted this to mass produce pieces for yarn bombing and I have to tell you-it is great!  I am not a knitter. I can knit basic stitches, but I am definatly crochet dominate.  I highly recomend this machine!  It took some time to work out the kinks (I refer you back to the opening paragraph).  Once I got going I was able to bang out some knit in record time.  Most of the items from the Yarn Bomb post were done on this machine.  All in all it took about an hour or so to realy develope the correct tensinion and presure to get it flowing smothly.  I have done some intarsia and one beanie.  This is my first pass at making a cable stitch.  I made a small swatch and then used it as a cozy for my water bottle.

I have made a lot of pieces.  I will post pics of all of them just before the yarn bomb.

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