Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have been busy Tatting!

I have been busy tatting. Here are few pieces that I have made.
These first two are from the tutorial by Totusmel for her Tatted Pendant.

The tread is size 10 lizbeth.

The next is inspired by the Petal Perfect created by Krystle Dawne. The tread is DMC cotton pearl size 5 (It may be embroidery floss). I just kind of winged it with out a pattern.

And the last is one I came up with to go with the medallion I found at the craft store. The thread is the same DMC size 5.

I am very anxious to get started on my Halloween Crafts, however, I have committed to completing all my WIP's before starting anything new. I am currently working on a Starling Purse by Craft Girl. Also a Windmill Purse-I found a Knit pattern for it and am coming up with a crocheted version. Hopefully I will complete them by the end of the week. I also am involved in Sock a long through Ravelry. I have started and scrapped it about 3 times now. I really need to get going on that.

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  1. They all look very lovely & elegant! Thanks for sharing them with us all.