Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Doily baby blanket

A friend had made this blanket from a doily pattern and I just had to copy it.
The Pattern is the Exceptional Doily by Mary Werst.  The original pattern is meant to be a 13" doily. 
I used the entire skein of pound of love and had just enough to finish! I wish there had been enough left to do a fancy boarder. The finished size is around 40 inches. This blanket took about 7 hours start to finish. I love the way it worked up.  I am going to make one in blue, using a smaller hook size- Hopefully this will make the finished piece a bit smaller and leave enough yarn for nice edge.
I do believe that this will be my go-to baby blanket.  It was very well received at the baby shower (as told by my S.I.L.-I could not attend due to work).

I also made these hats.  They are the Baby Flapper Hat.



  1. can you get the pattern without buying the book? I cant find it using the link you have used. Hopefully you still check this as I want to make this for my sisters baby.