Monday, July 19, 2010


I saw one of these a couple of months ago and I really wanted to make one for myself. So a trip to Home Depot for a wooden dowel (just a plain one, nothing fancy) I think it is made of pine and some sandpaper and I have a weekend project.

I wanted a 12 inch nostepinne, so I cut the dowel to 13 inches to leave room for sanding and for errors. I sanded, sawed, sanded, shaped, sanded, dampened, sanded, sanded, sanded and finally stained and wiped, stained and wiped.

The final piece came out at 12 & 3/4 inches long and it is 1 inch at the top, tappered to 1/2 inch at the tip. Of course I wanted to do an ornately carved handle with wonderful rings and decorative stains like the ones you find on Etsy, however, for my first one I am quite pleased with how it looks with out all the frills. Tomorrow I will wind me a ball of yarn!! Yeah!


  1. That's really cool. Yes, it should work great for winding thread on so you can wind all kinds of yarn or any thread you like with it.

  2. It looks so cool, however I wouldn't have slightest idea what to do with it, or what is it for. But awesome you made it yourself, that I applouse!