Thursday, September 17, 2009

Adventures in Tatting!

I have found a new obsession! Tatting. Tatting is a technique for handcrafting a particularly durable lace constructed by a series of knots and loops. I was searching the web for crochetted flower patterns to make for my scrapbooks and came across this womans wonderfully amazing blog. She has amazing talent. You can also check you her etsy shop stuff.....
So of course I think...hey I wanna do that (I mean-who wouldn't). So I started searching for tutorials and found that she has some youtube tutorials. So here I am with my first tatting tries.

This was my first try-can you say YIKES!

This was the second one--much better.

Third time is a charm! Can't wait to move on to bigger projects.


  1. Very cute!!! I like the third one best... I just started tatting myself a few weeks ago- both shuttle and needle tatting...kept dropping the shuttle everywhere, and poking myself with the large needles!!! hehe lol...

    I also cro-tat and I really wanna hook tat (But the lacis hooks were crappy)...

    I like the yarn you chose to make your flower- looks nice on the black background...

    I bet if you added a jump ring to this, it would make a nice pendant.

  2. Lol, you're a couple steps ahead of me. I just found TotusMel's work a couple days ago and it's inspired me to take up tatting as well. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any tatting needles in my area so I ordered a set on ebay, I can't wait until they get here!

    Great work so far, I like that you've got pictures of all three attempts, it's encouraging to see how quickly someone can improve when learning something new like this :)

  3. Hey Leah, This is so funny ...... I have tatted for years and just realized that I should put some of my tatted (lace) on/in my minis :-)
    I don't do well with the shuttle but can create fairly well with the needle. Keep up the good work they look very nice.

  4. I meant funny because I had just been thinking about adding some of my tatting to my minis. NOT YOUR WORK! Your workmanship has improved VERY fast. You will be making large, intricate lace projects in no time. You should look for the colored tatting thread, It adds another element to your projects. :-)

  5. oh cool! that's one of the crafts that looked especially difficult. thanks for sharing your 3 go's at it. great improvement!

    i also like your bunny! i recently had to give my two bunnies away, so i always like coming across them in the craft world.